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Art Gallery

This page shows some of the artwork we have done and what we can do for our clients. Besides taxidermy we like to work in all other types of media (metal, rock, plastics, wood, canvas).

 metalpheasantOne of our newest creations is this bronzed colored metal pheasant. Hand created by Glen and stands about 8 feet tall. 


Life Size Antelope Display with mural background and natural vegetation.

train1 train2

Metal Train Sculpture made by Glen and Curtis for Viva Cuba of Cuba Missouri.


Metal Elk Sculpture handmade for our store sign. We also made the concrete sign.

antelopepainting rampainting

Paintings done by Glen. He is currently working on painting all the North American big game animals. Prints are available.

We custom make these personal history display cases. Most people have something of family or historic value such as WWII memorabilia or Nascar collectibles. In these two cases we crafted most of the items in them.

We also make custom coffee and end tables pictured below.

celticcase buckskincase



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