We Have Completed Over 300 Different Species Of Animals From Around The World. Below Is A List Of Most Of Them!


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Skin Your Deer For Mounting

This is a guidline to taking the skin off your deer if you plan to have it mounted.

If you follow these steps you will have plenty of hide for a good shoulder mount.

2. Start by cutting the body around the deer just behind the front legs.
3. Cut around both front legs approximately 2-4 inches below the shoulder.

4. Split both front legs from the cut around the body down to the cuts on both legs. Be sure to split the back side of legs.

5. Start to skin out from the cut around body up to the neck where the neck meets the head.

6. After the entire neck is skinned, and the hide rolled over the head, take a saw such as a wood type hand saw and cut the head off of the body.

7. Deliver the head with attached hide to your taxidermist.

The head can be frozen in this form by placing it in a plastic garbage bag and seal it air tight then freeze. The head is good for a year or so.

Please contact us if you have questions.